Nicci Mayne

Regency Romance Author

The Power of Fear

There was once a woman no different to any other, with an average family and an average life. Let’s call her Nicci. Nicci followed campaigns like a good citizen, donated regularly and never missed a race.
But when the lumps of doubt appeared, the shutters came down and no light could get in. She had heard excuses before, but never from her own lips-
‘The tender protrusions are probably nothing’
‘I’m just getting old and falling apart like all middle-aged woman do’
‘Cancer does not run in my family, I am safe.’
And on this occasion, she was safe and Nicci was please to find out that the big, terrible C was not an enemy she would have to fight. Not that year anyway.
So why delay diagnosis? The answer is quite simply, fear.

Pretty Muddy will be run
The NHS’s will, will be done
That dreaded Cervical Smear is scheduled
I am she, I am me
I will not behave idiotically
I love life, I will embrace medical technology.

Get a Life

Out of morbid curiosity or perhaps #SundayBrainLethargy, I took a superficial dive into Trending Twitter to discover #SundayMorning & man oh, man, did it fail to deliver!

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Trending Tweet number 3: Me right now #SundayMorning
And finally, Trending Tweet number 4: Trump Planning Biggest Fleet Expansion Since Cold War #SundayMorning


So, in the spirit of Trending Twitter here is my contribution:

GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #SundayMorning

(Okay, I concede, this one floats my  #SundayMorning boat)

The Importance of being Carrie Fisher

All too often I have heard words like, “it’s the 21st Century, women need to accept they are equals and stop bitching.” But the reality is that women have only recently raised their heads above the sinking sand of society’s shallow expectations to battle 1-1 with men for position and respect. A man with an honest core, who is not threatened by empowerment, will acknowledge that all is not yet equal, but damn, we have come a far way. Women hold positions of ultimate power and wield intellect with the best and most successful of men. We cannot underplay the importance of the iconic woman in this evolutionary feat- man (or Woman if you prefer), could Princess Leia wield her pistol and tame Han Solo’s blaster! The Princess’s battle to claim her rightful position in a galaxy suffering under man sets the tone for the centuries to come and I will be eternally in awe of her Spirit and bravery.

Her force lives on in all of us, XX and XY of generations past and those to come.
Rest in Peace Carrie Fisher.


Han Solo: You said you wanted to be around when I made a mistake, well, this could be it, sweetheart.

Princess Leia: I take it back.

The Truth about the Regency English

Georgina was quite unprepared for the following chain of events. Huntingdon lifted her easily and threw her over his shoulder so that she lay like a sack of helpless coal. He moved around his chambers with certain actions, opening drawers and pulling pristine neckcloths from their contents.
“Gabriel, put me down, please,” she beseeched, feeling more than a little frightened and embarrassed. Her bottom was bared for the heavens to observe and she even caught sight of the dark curls between her legs in the looking glass as Huntingdon moved around the room.
“Quiet Georgina or a neckcloth will soon keep your negligent tongue company,” he threatened. Another accusation, but Georgina chose to heed his warning this time. It did not take long for Georgina to put the pieces of his wicked plan together- he intended to restrain her! He pulled the sturdy ebony and gilt chair into the centre of the room and gently placed her naked bottom onto its soft cushion. Georgina could not equate his chivalrous behaviours (the way in which he had helped her alight from the carriage, the sensitive manner in which he had removed her stabbing gown and the way he gently lowered her into the chair) with the look of savage intent that darkened and glazed his dark blue eyes and hardened his jaw as he worked to secure her. Georgina watched in disbelief as he bound her wrists to the armrests and her ankles to the legs of the chair. He even tugged at the cotton restraints and asked if they were too tight, as if abduction and keeping her against her will were the most natural past-times in the entire world! Only, she had accompanied him willingly with nether an attempt at escape and even when cornered, she had known she would not truly run from him…

Dear Readers and Followers

Thank you for your support, encouragement and advice over the past 2 years. It has been quite a journey and quite a shock to my system to be so exposed… The essence of being a writer is to dare to reveal a part of your inner most person. Every word of every book is a representation of how a writer thinks and feels, their experiences and the people they have met. Because of this, the run up to publishing one of my books is always daunting and when I get a new review, my tummy turns and my heart races in anticipation and fear! Such is the power of leaving a review. I have learned so much from your comments and I trust you can see how that has influenced my writing.
On the other hand, a few readers have found the ‘dark’ side of how I depict the English a little unusual and have questioned whether the events and behaviours I describe actually would have taken place in the early 1700 and early 1800’s. So for clarity, and whilst I run the risk of turning your purely romantic ideas about our English Regency ancestors upside down – I do my research well and the truth is that the gorgeous people of English nobility from days-gone-by had the luxury of being oh, so naughty! Here is the reality of what you can find if you dare to delve:

~Affairs (galore) and often not well concealed
~Brothels designed for deviants
~Fifty Shades style bedroom antics (aka brothel antics) of  which red bottoms were common
~Cunnilingus was a reality as far back as the Roman conquest of Britain
~Disability, introversion and reclusive brilliance
~Rocking war heroes, including spies
~Alcohol and food excess, domestic abuse, sexual abuse and other trauma inducing behaviours were common practice.

Hard to believe, I know, as the English hid their antics well and we have chosen to take the romantic descriptions of them as gospel truth (don’t get me wrong, I love Pride and Prejudice!)

So, for those willing to take a walk on the wild side of Regency, here is an intro extract to a truly mesmerising, but tasteful, erotica scene (based on research of a delicious Regency Lord who knew how to party) of my unpublished book Cardinal Vices: